Tracy B

I’m not a math person and I was just looking to get a passing grade to get this class done with, but with the help of the tutorial videos, I got a B+!!!  The tutorial videos are frikken amazing! They focus on problem solving instead of theory and do multiple versions of problems so you can see different ways the questions can be asked.  The past tests were really helpful in helping me review before writing my own test.  I wish my profs taught the same way these videos did, they material was just presented in a much easier to understand manner.   Money well spent!! Thanks!

Tim Z

I wish I knew about this site earlier!  I only found out about it after I BOMBED my midterm and my friend aced it.  She told me she skips math class and just watches these videos instead.  I was skeptical at first but I took a shot and I’m so happy I did.  I ended up getting an A in the final exam purely thanks to this site.   The downloadable PDF files are a life save, they help me keep everything organized and I have a big binder full of 1505 material now.  Now that I’m done the course I can go burn the binder!